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Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubing, Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing, Air Cylinder Tubes

Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubing, Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing, Air Cylinder Tubes

Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubing

Product ID: HT--ETS

Extra-Thin Seamless Stainless Steel tubes (Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubes ):
Used in Auto Machines, Discard Pneumatic Cylinder, Chemical Industry Machines, Medical Equipment, and Food Machines, etc.


Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing - Stainless Steel Cylinder Tubing 

The Extra-Thin style Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes use for Hydraulic Cylinder can be used directly and save your time with money if processed is necessary.

Air Cylinder Tubing - High Quality Air Cylinder Tubing

Size List : all dimensions are by metric, and the tolerance per ISO system H10 specification
ID×OD ø6×7mm ø8×9mm ø10×11mm ø12×13.2mm
ID Tolerance -0.00 +0.06 -0.00 +0.06 -0.00 +0.06 -0.00 +0.07
ID×OD ø16×17.4mm ø20×21.4mm ø25×26.4mm ø32×33.4mm
ID Tolerance -0.00 +0.07 -0.00 +0.08 -0.00 +0.08 -0.00 +0.10
ID×OD ø40×41.6mm      
ID Tolerance -0.00 +0.10      
Products Specification :
Internal Diameter Accuracy: H10
Surface Roughness : Ra0.6μm Max.
Standard Length :3000~4000mm
Straightness: 1.5/1000mmMax.
External Surface Bright Buffing
Material : JIS SUS 304 TKS-C
★ Other Specification and requirement can be customers make.

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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • FOB: Any Sea Port of Taiwan will be available

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