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Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing - Carbon Steel Seamless Tubing

Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing - Carbon Steel Seamless Tubing

Cold Drawn Seamless Tubing

Product ID: DIN2391-ST37.4
Precision Seamless Steel Tube: Norm DIN2391 EN10305, High quality carbon precision steel tubes St35 St37.4 St52, cold drawing, bright heat treatment without oxidation (NBK status), non-destructive testing, cleaning, phosphating, anti-rust oil dipping, the application for machine tools industry, construction machinery, ship building industry hydraulic system, automotive steel tube, and in the occasion where the high precision, brightness, cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required.


Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes 

● DIN highly accurate, cold drawn and bright carbon steel seamless tube is used as the tube to be phosphated. The phosphated is realized with the imported chemical fluid to form a black film. The antirust oil is absorbed by means of the micropore on the film to prevent from the rust. The caps are covered at two ends of tube to prevent from the dust.
● High accuracy, excellent brightness, no oxidization on the outer and inner walls after heat treatment, high cleanness inside wall.
● The steel tube is able to stand high pressure. No deformation after cold bending, no crack after flaring and flattening. The complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized.
● The color of NBK tube is Bright Black. Color is homogeneously distributed on the tube surface. The tube has good property of antirust.

Carbon Steel Seamless Tubing

Size List : all dimensions are by metric.
Ø4×0.5 Ø12×1.5 Ø16×2.5 Ø22×1.5 Ø28×2.0 Ø34×2.0 Ø38×3.0 Ø48×3.5
Ø4×1.0 Ø12×2.0 Ø16×3.0 Ø22×2.0 Ø28×2.5 Ø34×2.5 Ø38×3.5 Ø48×5.0
Ø5×1.0 Ø12×2.5 Ø18×1.0 Ø22×2.5 Ø28×3.0 Ø34×3.0 Ø38×4.0 Ø50×5.0
Ø6×1.0 Ø14×1.0 Ø18×1.5 Ø22×3.0 Ø28×3.5 Ø34×3.5 Ø38×5.0 Ø50×6.0
Ø6×1.5 Ø14×1.5 Ø18×2.0 Ø22×3.5 Ø28×4.0 Ø34×4.0 Ø38×6.0 Ø60×3.0
Ø6×2.0 Ø14×2.0 Ø18×2.5 Ø22×4.0 Ø30×1.5 Ø34×4.5 Ø40×4.0 Ø60×5.0
Ø8×1.0 Ø14×2.5 Ø18×3.0 Ø22×5.0 Ø30×2.0 Ø34×5.0 Ø42×2.0 Ø60×6.0
Ø8×1.5 Ø14×3.0 Ø19×2.0 Ø24×2.0 Ø30×2.5 Ø35×1.5 Ø42×3.0 Ø60×7.0
Ø8×2.0 Ø15×1.0 Ø20×1.0 Ø25×2.0 Ø30×3.0 Ø35×2.0 Ø42×3.5 Ø60×8.0
Ø8×2.5 Ø15×1.5 Ø20×1.5 Ø25×2.5 Ø30×3.5 Ø35×2.5 Ø42×4.0 Ø65×5.0
Ø9×1.5 Ø15×2.0 Ø20×2.0 Ø25×3.0 Ø30×4.0 Ø35×3.0 Ø42×4.5 Ø65×8.0
Ø10×1.0 Ø15×2.5 Ø20×2.5 Ø25×4.0 Ø30×5.0 Ø35×3.5 Ø42×5.0 Ø70×4.0
Ø10×1.5 Ø15×3.0 Ø20×3.0 Ø27×3.0 Ø32×2.0 Ø35×4.0 Ø42×6.0 Ø70×5.0
Ø10×2.0 Ø16×1.0 Ø20×3.5 Ø27×3.5 Ø32×2.5 Ø35×4.5 Ø45×3.0 Ø70×8.0
Ø10×3.5 Ø16×1.5 Ø20×4.0 Ø27×4.0 Ø32×3.0 Ø35×5.0 Ø45×6.0 Ø90×5.0
Ø12×1.0 Ø16×2.0 Ø22×1.0 Ø28×1.5 Ø32×4.0 Ø38×2.5 Ø48×3.0 Ø114×4.0
Other Specification and requirement can be customers make.

Size Range and Tolerance
OD Size Range (mm) DIN tolerance Special tolerance Special high precision
ø4~30mm ±0.08mm ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
ø31~40mm ±0.15mm ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
ø41~50mm ±0.20mm ±0.08mm ±0.03mm
ø51~60mm ±0.25mm ±0.10mm ±0.03mm
ø61~70mm ±0.30mm ±0.15mm ±0.05mm
ø71~80mm ±0.35mm ±0.20mm ±0.05mm
ø81~90mm ±0.40mm ±0.25mm ±0.05mm
ø91~100mm ±0.45mm ±0.35mm ±0.05mm
ø100~150mm The tolerance for this range, please feel free to contact us.
Wall Thickness Range DIN tolerance Standard tolerance Special high precision
0.5~15mm ±10% ±5~8% ±5~7%

Products Specification
Production Standard DIN 2391/DIN 1629/EN 10305/ASTM A179/JIS G3445
Finished Condition NBK(+N) / GBK(+A) / BK(+C) / BKW(+LC) / BKS(+SR)
MaterialST35(E235) / ST45(E255) / ST52(E355) / ST37.4

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  • OEM/ODM Product
  • FOB: Any Sea Port of Taiwan will be available

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